Tuesday, November 18, 2014


In 2012 Randy Newman posted an anti-Romney-voter song, "I'm Dreaming" ("of a white President . . ."). It deserved a response, and no one else supplied one, so I wrote a song, "Lazy," and started recording it.

Meanwhile, a ruckus arose over the word "lazy" (despite). I worried my song might hurt Romney's chances a tiny bit, so I shelved it.

I still liked it though, and this year decided to finish recording it in my bumbling fashion. The events that prompted the song are old news, but since it's more about a type of leftist than about an election, I think—hope—it's not entirely stale.

Anyway, here it is, a musical answer twenty-six months later.

Added: Free mp3, in case anyone wants.

Election comin' in November
Polls say it's gonna be tight
In this corner, my guy Barack
In that one, somebody white
For those with brains the choice is easy
I made mine long ago
Mister Rom-i-ney is the nominee for the GOP
That's all I need to know

'Cause I'm lazy
Yes I'm lazy
I do as little thinkin' as I can
I'm a rich ole liberal
A lazy-minded man

Well, a number of years back
When I was in my prime
All the right people were on the Left
It was a special time
That's when I joined the Democrats
I've cast my votes with pride
And I've never understood the arguments against us, but then
I've never really tried

'Cause I'm lazy
Flat bone-lazy
I just assume I'm on the side of truth
And I'm too lazy to question
The judgments of my youth

Allen West
Mia Love
Janice Rogers Brown
A bunch of Uncle Toms
And Aunt Jemimas
Who want to keep real black folks down
(I've read articles on black folks)

Republicans talkin' unemployment
"Forty-four months around eight percent"
They try to make it sound so scary
And point fingers at the President
But you can't blame Obama
It was Dubya drove us into a tree
How do I know? Bill Clinton said so
That's good enough for me

'Cause I'm lazy
Fat-fried lazy
I'll trust the Big Dog any day
Sure, he's a womanizin' liar
But it's the lazy way
And I like livin' lazy
So lazy's how I'll stay

(Song and sound recording copyright 2014 Michael Greenspan)