Sunday, September 21, 2014

The DiploMad, from 9/11/14:

Islam is a rotten house which holds hundreds of millions of unhappy souls within its walls. To defeat the Islamic Jihadis requires constant pressure, attack, counterattack. . . . The Islamists must be resisted and defeated constantly and wherever they attack in the hope that eventually forces within Islam will rise up against the Jihadis and that a process of enlightenment will take hold in that now brutal and totalitarian creed.

. . . The so-called "crazies," "radicals," "fringe," in fact, form the core of Islam. An almost unbroken record of 1400 years of mass murder, enslavement, and misery speak to the truth about Islam.

A former State Department official, Ray Maxwell, charges that allies of Hillary Clinton's worked to hide information damaging to Clinton. Another State-Dept.-official-turned-whistleblower argues for taking Maxwell's claims seriously:

Is Maxwell a disgruntled employee with an agenda? Possibly, but whistleblowers act on conscience, not revenge; the cost is too high for that, and in this day revenge is available much cheaper via a leak or as an unnamed source. Going public and disgruntlement often coincide but are not necessarily causally connected. Knowing the right thing to do is easier than summoning the courage and aligning one’s life to step up and do it.

Three aphorisms from George Will's latest column:

[G]overnments are generally confident that their constituents need to be improved by spending the constituents’ money.

* * *

[P]rogressivism’s default assumption . . . is that disinterested government has only the interests of “the people” at heart.

* * *

Progressivism . . . is all about bringing to bear on society the fabulous expertise of a disinterested clerisy.