Saturday, May 10, 2014

Funny, I don't recall them playing up the "We're working with a huge corporation" angle in the '90s. From a cover story on Pearl Jam in SPIN’s Oct. 2009 issue, soon after the band signed a distribution deal with Target:

“Target just seemed like the best partner for us right now,” Ament explains. “They’re hipper. They have a huge philanthropy side.” . . .

[T]here is a certain karmic irony in the notion that a band that gave corporate America the finger so hard for so long might finally be softening. . . . I ask if they’re worried about a backlash.

“Oh sure,” Ament says. “Especially the way the media can put it out there. We’re gonna get lumped in with the Eagles, with AC/DC. But it’s totally different. And people say, ‘Oh, Pearl Jam are working with this corporation’—f*** that! We were on Sony for 20 years.”

(No asterisks in original.)