Monday, September 24, 2012

The DiploMad:

[I]n my 34 years at State dealing with the press, the public, NGOs, the Congress, and other governments, not once was I instructed to lie--until, that is, the arrival of this misadministration when, for example, we were told to go forth and lie about U.S. guns to Mexico. Yes, we had tried to spin things to our advantage; there were things we hoped we would not be asked so we didn't volunteer them; there were times when we were wrong; and there were things that were genuinely secret and we could not discuss. We, however, did not make things up; we did not lie. This President and his minions do not hesitate to lie. This is a very troubling development, and the press does not take them to task for it. If it were not for a handful of media outlets, talk radio, and the blogosphere, the Obama "folks" completely would get away with this "Chicago/Alinsky" way of politics.

What is "self evident" is that this misadministration will say and do anything to keep power.