Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I just submitted this comment on an article about same-sex marriage:
One commenter keeps asking, e.g., "How is 2 men/women getting married going to affect anyone else's marriage in any way?"

I've seen this question before, and the answer's always seemed to me obvious. A straight young man who sees two men marrying is less inclined to marry. Straight young men (hereinafter SYM) generally want to be not-gay. That gay men like something makes SYM dislike it and seek to avoid being identified with it. You can consider that reaction shallow or primitive, but it's endemic among SYM. (I don't know single young women's reaction to seeing two women marry.)

It's like when you notice some doofus wearing clothes you were considering buying. Suddenly they hold less appeal.
Later: Another commenter reminds me that John Derbyshire made the same point (far better) in a 2003 column. Worth (re)reading.