Monday, September 19, 2011

Glenn Reynolds points to an article on Jon Stewart. This paragraph is simultaneously instructive and baffling:
"When I tell people that I used to work for Jon, the thing they ask, all the time, is 'Oh, is he nice?'" says Stacey Grenrock Woods, a former Daily Show correspondent who is now Esquire's venerable sex columnist. "Now, I would never think of Jon Stewart as 'nice.' He's a comedian, and comedians aren't always particularly nice people. But these people look so hopeful, and it's obviously really important to them. So I always say, 'Yes, he's very nice.' And they always say, 'Oh, thank God. I don't know what I'd do if he wasn't.' "
First, I can believe there are many such people, God help us. Second, what’s wrong with them? Why do they care whether he’s “nice,” and how do they not see he isn't? It’s one of the most obvious facts in television—Laura Mennell is beautiful, Michael Westen is resourceful, Jon Stewart is a jerk. How have they missed it all this time?

And they have the vote.

(Amended since originally posted and since originally amended.)