Thursday, April 14, 2011


Why I'm still not a Republican. I don't know if it's principle on my part, or a lack of fortitude, that I can't bring myself to join the party and work from within to change it (not that I imagine I'd accomplish much; I'm sure I wouldn't). But I look at the budget deal, that emblematic chimerical triumph, and I don't even want to try. From the first link:
Based on the serial cave-ins by alleged fiscal conservatives over the last four months, what evidence is there that more than a shred of something resembling the Ryan Plan will even make it out of committee, let alone pass two houses of congress?
From the second:
[T]he most knowledgeable supporters of the deal acknowledge, at least privately, that a large fraction of it is phony.

If tea-party congressmen nonetheless vote for it, how can they tell their supporters that they meant what they said last fall about transparency and ending D.C.’s budget games?
From the third:
[I]f President Obama promised to propose an annual budget that would hold spending increases down to $352 million, and then plopped on the Speaker’s desk a proposal that — once carefully examined — turned out to increase spending by $38 billion . . . [w]ould Boehner be saying the difference was no big deal? Would commentators be saying, hey, “Let’s not fly off the handle, the Obama budget isn’t as bad as it sounds”?
No doubt a real fight to get the deficit under control would be difficult in ways I, completely on the outside, can't imagine. But the Republicans have the chance here to achieve greatness, a service to the country for which future generations would thank and honor them. Isn't that prospect worth the struggle? Yet they seem unwilling to attempt it.