Sunday, January 9, 2011

William Tucker on Pakistan and the assassination of Salman Taseer:
These people are crazy. . . . The place is a lunatic asylum. Thank god they live on the other side of the world. But of course, as 9/11 showed, that's not really true anymore. And they do have a nuclear weapon, too -- think of that. . . .

I think we should finish whatever the hell it is we are doing in Afghanistan but then get the hell out. Forget about this "nation-building." These people are incapable of holding a wedding or a funeral without somebody blowing himself up and taking half the crowd with him. Maybe in some other century we can sit down and talk about a peaceful future. For now, I say let them broil in their own inferno.
My sole qualm about "get[ting] the hell out" is that it might be better for our national security to stay there in some manner. But I don't know. As for the rest of Tucker's analysis, he's dead right. These maniacs blend fanaticism, ignorance and lunacy into a genocidal stew. If and when we can exit the region without endangering ourselves unduly, we should leave as fast as possible, and wait from a safe distance until they decide to join the civilized world, if they ever do.