Thursday, January 27, 2011


Four good items on the Beck/Piven controversy. This summary, which Glenn Reynolds reposts, is especially lucid:
So let's see if this makes sense:

1. Fances Fox Piven advocates left-wing violence by the unemployed against the government.

2. Glenn Beck criticizes her for this, calling such talk dangerous.

3. Then an unstable unemployed left-wing radical engages in violence against the government.

4. Glenn Beck then repeats his criticism of Piven.

5. Finally, the Am. Sociological Assn blames Glenn Beck for his criticism of Piven AND indirectly for the left-wing violence.

The logic of the Assn escapes me.
Bonus: two videos of a roundtable featuring Piven, Milton Friedman, and (a wonderfully young) Thomas Sowell.

I nearly pity her.

(Edited since originally posted.)