Wednesday, June 9, 2010


An Israeli flotilla to Turkey is a horrendous idea. I appreciate the intent, and nothing would please me more at this foreign-policy moment than to see Turkey's leaders revealed as the deceitful, oppressive hypocrites they are, but once again Israelis and their supporters are inexplicably projecting onto their enemies their own decency and sense of fair play. Boats filled with unarmed Jews challenging a Muslim nation, and by extension all Muslim nations? At best they'd be hostages-in-waiting, at worst targets in a terrorist shooting gallery, and most likely both. What compunction does anyone believe would prevent jihadists from using force against them? What retaliation would the attackers have to fear from the world? People, your intentions are good, but you'd be delivering yourselves into the hands of those who hate you more than you can evidently imagine and who would revel in your capture, humiliation and torment. For your own sake and that of your country, don't do it.