Sunday, June 27, 2010


An obvious comparison that for some reason I haven't seen elsewhere: Dave Weigel is a male, sixty-or-so-years-younger version of Helen Thomas, a leftist who concealed his/her biases well enough to get a job in mainstream journalism, and whose own words cost him/her that job. We'll be hearing more from both of them, I expect.

(A small roundup of posts from the right: Jonah Goldberg writes that "Weigel's real sin was getting caught," Philip Klein defends Weigel, a conservative in the MSM cheers Weigel's fall, and the Daily Caller posts a telling photo.) (Last link via Instapundit.)

Later: From "The Scrapbook" at the Weekly Standard:
Unfortunately for Weigel, the Post believed he was a diversity hire, someone they could point to whenever conservatives complained about ideological imbalance at the paper. . . . They wanted a reporter who would allow them to maintain the fiction that they run a balanced newsroom. He embarrassed them by holding opinions indistinguishable from their own.

. . . The editors of the
Post may have some hard questions to ask Ezra Klein, who had been reading Weigel’s anti-conservative tirades for some time before telling his editors that Weigel would be “the best reporter” on the conservative beat. But The Scrapbook hopes they’ll show a little understanding. From Klein’s end of the political spectrum, pretty much everyone else looks conservative.