Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Instapundit points to this story at the New York Post's site:
A city Department of Correction Muslim chaplain who served 14 years in prison for murder and robbery was arrested today for carrying three utility blades and a pair of scissors into a lower Manhattan jail — the latest in a series of black eyes for that facility, authorities said.
Here's how AP tells it (at the New York Times's site):
The attorney of a jails chaplain charged with trying to smuggle three razor blades and a pair of scissors into a lockup said Wednesday there's ''absolutely no reason to believe'' his client knew the items were in his bag. . . .

An officer discovered the contraband inside the bag and Abdu-Shahid was taken into custody wearing long, blue robes and a Muslim skullcap, the DOI said. . . .

In 2009, a different chaplain assigned to the same jail resigned after being linked to a lavish, catered bar mitzvah that was organized for the son of an inmate at the lockup. Three other jail officials also were disciplined, including the warden and the head of the city's jail chaplains, over their roles in allowing the bash.
The AP account nowhere mentions that the chaplain is Muslim; "a Muslim skullcap" is as close as it gets. Its first sentence emphasizes not the suspect's alleged crime, but his defense. And the final paragraph is masterful: a bar mitzvah—that's as serious as smuggling in deadly weapons, isn't it? Plus it's Jewish, so there's a nice balance. And not specifying the religion of the "different chaplain" who helped arrange it—who knows, maybe it was the Muslim chaplain then too. Incidentally, the Times's 6/11/09 article on the investigation into the bar mitzvah identifies one performer there as "a popular Orthodox singer." So his faith is relevant, but not that of the chaplain arrested today?

Never mind, stupid question.