Sunday, February 14, 2010


A comment on this enraging post (via Instapundit), about a woman who abandoned her husband while he was stationed in Iraq (first sentence: "You'd be surprised how easy it is to leave a soldier on deployment"), hints at one reason the military is right to ban gays from its ranks:
Getting Dear John Letters suck. I’m a Marine and got one when I was in El Sal in the late 80’s. If you’re in a line unit and getting some trigger time it tends to eff up your focus cuz in 100 plus degree heat, triple canopy jungle on patrol your mind wanders off and before you know it you’re thinking about the witch and not paying attention to the business.

Screw that dirty bitch I hope she get V warts from her hippie boyfriend.
I've never served, so I can only guess at how charged the atmosphere is among troops far from home. But I know that in civilian work environments, which I presume are far less stressful, sexuality can cause serious problems, and not only for the parties directly involved. Sexual jealousy is especially corrosive. Should the military introduce into the life-and-death circumstance of deployment such complicated and complicating emotions? Couldn't these emotions weaken and possibly destroy the mutual trust soldiers need in order to perform effectively, and even survive? I imagine they easily could.

I defer to the military's judgment here. If they decide that admitting gays is better than prohibiting them, I'll gladly accept that I've been wrong. But that path seems to me perilous.