Sunday, January 24, 2010


How snotty leftists reason: I know because I share their instincts, which I'm glad to say I've trained myself to ignore, having realized they're ridiculous. Allow me to demonstrate.

Snotty leftists who read this report* on a Quincy, IL, Tea Party event will likely think,
  • The comma after "President" shouldn't be there, and "groups" should be "group's" (both times!);
  • Only idiots would make such mistakes;
  • Therefore Tea Partiers are idiots.
  • The major premise is true. The minor premise is false, but snotty leftists believe it because they overvalue the kinds of skills that earn good grades in English Lit, and so they believe, wrongly, that the conclusion is valid.

    Arguing with such people, heavily concentrated in L.A./NYC/DC and the news media and academia, is pretty much futile. They need to learn, as I eventually learned (shamefully late), that an intelligent person can be clumsy in such matters as grammar and punctuation. Until they do—and few of them ever will—they won't respect even someone as patently bright and capable, but not Ivy-League slick, as, for instance, Sarah Palin.

    *No author is listed, and it reads like a press release, so I'm guessing it was written by a Tea Partier or someone sympathetic to the cause.

    (Note: I've amended this item, for clarity, since I originally posted it.)

    (Link via Instapundit.)